The Team

Hamble Hounds was founded by Annette Bowcott in 1998 and there is now a small team of 2 trainers and 3 assistants/trainees who are all committed to respectful, kind and positive relationships with dogs, using knowledge, skill and love to communicate, teach, motivate and support.

We are a professional, full time business fully insured and accredited.

It’s so important to us to rely entirely on an ethical, knowledge based, kind and calm approach of work with dogs. All our accreditation bodies all advocate kind, motivational methods and require ongoing professional development.

Good effective dog training and relationship building does NOT need loud or stern voices, big hand signals, pushing around, punishment, fear, harsh physical or mental treatment or equipment. We will never use or teach such methods nor allow them to be used in any session.

We frequently meet families who are upset and frustrated, sometimes angry with or scared of their puppy or dog. It’s a joy to be able to coach them through to reaching a mutually loving and rewarding relationship between family and dog using only calm and kind methods. There is no magic wand, but with time, thought and effort, changes can be made!

If you would like to make contact to find out more about what we do and how we work, please call to chat. A chat doesn’t commit you to anything!

We help, and fund raise for, a number of animal and assistant dog charities and love doing our “safety around dogs” talk in schools and to children’s groups. Barking Bonanza is our big annual event in the Royal Victoria Country Park, where all funds raised go to our charity of the year.

Hamble Hounds Annette Bowcott

Annette Bowcott is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (number 00840), a Animal Behaviour and Training Council Registered Animal Training Instructor, and a Tellington TTouch practitioner.

Annette struggled to find a good trainer when her old dog Smudge arrived from rescue with his own set of problems, her employment history of training/developing adults and children with physical disabilities and mental health issues, combined with her growing theoretical and experiential knowledge of dog learning and behaviour, led her to set up Hamble Hounds in 1998.

Annette and her partner have a black Labrador called Tally (born February 2015), having lost their lovely Smudge in 2012 and the wonderful Rafferty in 2014. 

Gracie Ray

Gracie is an accredited trainer with the IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers), as well as holding OCN (Open College Network) Level III ‘Principles of Dog Training and Behaviour’ accredited certification.

Gracie started her dog training career during her quest for answers to her dog Tia’s reactivity, and was swiftly hooked on all things dog training. She now has a particular love of working with and helping other reactive dogs, knowing first-hand the extreme highs and lows that come from living with one, and the deep joy that results from helping these dogs progress to become happier, calmer members of the family.

She enjoys ‘geeking out’ over the latest scientific studies regarding canine behaviour and is always on the lookout for new and fun ways to teach things.

In addition to delivering personal sessions and teaching on courses, Gracie runs all our agility/hoopers sessions.

Brian grew up with dogs and it was a natural step to continue living with dogs as an adult.

His present companion is Sky, a 6 year old staffie who he describes as “my absolute world”! Sky had some sensitivities around other dogs which is where Brian’s links with Hamble Hounds began.

He has been assisting with us for 4 years during which time his love of, and increasing knowledge about, dogs has taken him on a journey: from a volunteer fundraiser for the PDSA, then working as a dog welfare officer for Canine Partners (a charity he loves!) to his present dog walking business Sky Blue Walkies.

We are lucky that he still makes time to assist on a Saturday morning!!

Isobel assists in puppy classes. She has two golden retrievers called Rumy and Charlie and a New Forest pony called Nobby.

Melissa  is assisting in classes. She is starting on her dog trainer journey having spent many years around dogs…..