2018 Summer Activities plus Courses: Tracking, Gun Dog Retrieving, “Sniff & Tell” Scenting, Collie Balls, Agility

Dogs are intelligent, eager animals who love to use their brains.

It’s great to have activities to do together, for fun, enrichment, friendships. There’s a world of activities to enjoy once you’ve done the basic training. Here are details of group courses and summer activities we run in addition to the social activities like Talky Walkys.

We’ve planned a great programme of SUMMER EVENING ACTIVITIES to entertain and stimulate your dog. Check out the prices, especially the children’s one! We want these to be fantastic accessible summer fun in the cool of the evening…. Details of our regular courses are further down the page…

AND another date for the diary…..We are truly delighted to welcome solicitor Trevor Cooper to Hamble on Saturday 1st SeptemberHe is THE national expert in dog law and his course is absolutely essential learning for any dog owner- know your legal rights and responsibilities! This 2½ hour seminar is only £20 and NOT dry and boring as you might expect!!  Go to www.doglawsos.co.uk to book your place

SUMMER EVENING ACTIVITIESAll at the Learning & Activity Base (the LAB) in Stubbington.PLEASE book in advance using the email link next to each activity

Kids and Dogs                      Thursday 16th August          4.00 pm to 5.45 pm     only £7.50!! for 1¾ hours!

This is a bit of summer fun for younger dog guardians (6-13 year olds) Daft games: 6 legged egg n spoon, musical sits, recall races, relays, obstacles, Simon Says, grab-a-ball…Prizes & laughs Parents must accompany children but are encouraged to bring a blanket and sit and enjoy the sun in the field This workshop is strictly only open to dogs that have been through our classes and we know are safe around children and other dogs- safety is our priority. Your child must be able to securely manage their dog on a lead.BOOK: sherree@hamblehounds.com

Intro to Clicker Training             Thursday 16th August         6.15 pm to 8.00 pm              just £10 for 1¾ hour

This is a fun introduction to using a clicker, aimed at guardians who have (mainly!) mastered the basics with their dog and want to find a reliable way to teach their dog new tricks/ tasks. We will start to teach: fetch the TV control, close the door, left & right…bring along your own ideas and we can start to shape them. Open to friendly dogs we knowBOOK: sherree@hamblehounds.com

Scenting “Sniff n Tell”                  Friday 17th August              6.30 pm to 8.00 pm          just £10 for 1½ hours

Would you like your dog to sniff out drugs like a Police Dog, or find your lost keys or a wallet full of money? Or a toy hidden deep in the forest? This is the course for you and your dog who will LOVE to use his nose! Open to friendly dogs we know.BOOK: enquiries@hamblehounds.com

Collie Chase                                    Thursday 23rd  August       6.00 to 8.00 pm                      £25* for 2 hours

Collies are bred to herd and this means they need to control movement. This becomes a problem for the urban collie if they decide they need to sort out the cyclist, the jogger, running kids, other dogs’ ball ‘flingers’,  or probably the worst…moving cars.This workshop will increase your understanding of the reasons for these behaviours and help you start to manage them.We will look at alternative outlets for this behaviour so that frustrations don’t arise*Numbers will be limited on this workshopOpen to all sheepdog/ collie/ collie cross/ herding dogsBOOK: sherree@hamblehounds.com

Emergency Control                       Friday 24th August              5.00 to 6.15 pm                      £10 for 1¼ hours

Need to stop your dog in an emergency? For those awful moments when you need your dog to instantly lie down and keep still, even if they are at a distance from you. Can be lifesaving, and is certainly a great way to impress people! Its fun to teach and learn this all important skill. Open to friendly dogs we know.BOOK: enquiries@hamblehounds.com

Intro to Retrieving (Gun Dog)    Friday 24th August              6.30 to 8.00 pm                      £10 for 1½ hours

Fantastic for retrieving breeds, and enjoyed by most dogs…. uses their brains, teaches self-control and distance control, joyful stuff. Using “dummies”… you don’t need to be into shooting and killing things to enjoy this sport. Open to friendly dogs we know. Useful precursor to the gun dog course.BOOK: enquiries@hamblehounds.com

 and next, one for the more senior woofers….. can’t leave them out 

Senior dogs    Thursday 30th August evening                6.15 to 8 pm                VERY USEFUL and only £10!  

This is a workshop just for the older dog or younger ones experiencing a reduction in their mobility due to disability or ongoing conditions. The emphasis is on maintaining their quality of life and keeping them mobile for as long as possible. We will look at touches (massage) that can help keep the dog supple and mobile, and how different floor exercises can help this. We will have a group discussion about supplements and share other options for supporting your dog including simple changes to their home environment. We will talk about managing cognitive decline (sadly dogs get dementia too!). We will look at alternatives to the traditional walk. If your dog has an undiagnosed mobility issue please do visit your vet first to make sure any medical condition or pain is identified before coming along.BOOK: Sherree@hamblehounds.com

We hope you find something there for you! Do call if you want to check if they are suitable for your dog or if you have any questions. You’ll get full joining details when you book. Tel: 023 8045 3490

Courses…..What to choose…

Selective breeding may have given high drives for certain types of activity,which can give clues as to what a dog would enjoy the most. In our experience, most dogs will enjoy most activities providing they are taughtwell, so choose something you’d enjoy too!

Hamble Hounds Tracking Course For Dogs


Harness your dog’s amazing natural ability to follow a track and search for items on that track.

Tracking can help calm an excitable dog, develop the confidence of a worried dog, and help develop the bond between you both.

Everything is done on a long line, so it’s suitable for dogs that can’t free run for any reason. All breeds enjoy using their nose!

You don’t need to be an athlete, but you will do a fair bit of walking in each session.

Tracking With hamble Hounds

Gun Dog Retrieving

A highly rewarding activity especially for those dogs who have been bred to retrieve. Handler and dog work in partnership to retrieve “dummies”, eventually from increasing distances and in difficult terrain. It’s an excellent bonding exercise, as well as improving the dog’s steadiness and getting them use their highly developed nose, very fulfilling!

You don’t have to shoot or work with game etc to do this activity. From personal choice, all of our retrievinguses dummies only. We use the same positive, thoughtful, kind methods to teach this as any other activity, and to a high standard. Sadly in the gun dog world there is still a great deal of rough handling which is unnecessary and unpleasant, promise you will not see that with us!

We hold courses for beginners and drop is sessions for improvers, and personal programmes.

(You may see a local group at country shows who chose a name similar to our existing one… they have no connection with us and do not represent us in any way).

Gun Dog Training


Triebball involves your dog ‘herding’ large balls around a field, aiming to get them into a goal… a bit like working sheep but without the smell!

Huge fun. Your dog doesn’t have to be super fast, as technique is the important thing. Looks easy, but there’s a lot for your dog to learn, so this is a great way of improving your dog’s focus and self-control.

All breeds can do and enjoy this, not just the herding breeds (although Tally the Labrador does try to pick up the ball to bring it back)!!

This is done off lead so your dog MUST be comfortable around other dogs, if they are not at that stage yet, there will be an appropriate course to skill them up.


Dogs love to use their noses. The “Sniff & Tell” workshop and course is a great way of harnessing this as a way of entertaining and fulfilling your dog. They search for a specific item and tell you when they’ve found it. A great way to enrich walks or times at home. 


Agility can be great fun and if taught well, can give a dog both a mental and physical workout. We don’t provide agility trainingso I feel its ok for me to offer some thoughts if you are seeking a trainer….. There are fast moves in agility, especially turns, which can put a real strain on a dog’s body.

Choose a trainer who understands and respects the need for warm up and cool down.  Choose a trainer who will take a number of lessons to show you and the dog how to use equipment, covering all the basics systematically and thoroughly and gradually building up.

It might feel a bit boring when all you want to do is get running around, but you can save yourself years of grief (we reckon that the majority of behavioural cases we see are in some way pain related; not acute pain but “small p” pain, aching backs etc).

Ask searching questions, go and see before taking your dog!