“Feel free to contact us if you’d like to explore how we can help your dog. We are not often in the office and so the landline has an answerphone; if we don’t answer, please leave your name and number, and we will call you as soon as we return”


Please feel free to talk to us about how we work and to discuss how we will be able to help you and your dog. Enquiries are welcome, with no obligation …

It’s frustrating but we can’t man our landline constantly due to our dog commitments and a mobile is not practical when we are working with clients outside, so you will sometimes get an answerphone.

If you do reach the answerphone, please leave your number, we will call back; usually within 4 hours*

(*Evenings and Saturdays are mostly busy with classes and home visits so a daytime number is helpful if possible). The phone is not manned on Sunday

Alternatively, email your enquiry by clicking this link: enquiries@hamblehounds.com . Please give a contact number so we can call you if needed, as it is better to judge what’s the best approach after talking in depth about the dog.

We will never share your details!

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