Problem Solving

The problems families have with dogs (and they have with humans!) are very varied, and the solutions need to reflect the individual dog’s character, history, and relationships within the family.

Here’s a list of common problems we deal with, but it is by no means exhaustive; if you don’t find your problem here, still contact us!

• Aggression towards dogs and or humans
• Excessively boisterous behaviour
• Stealing / scavenging
• Noise Sensitivity (fireworks, thunder as well as more general)
• Poor recall
• Jumping Up
• Mouthing
• Chasing (e.g. cats, joggers, horses, cars etc)
• Pulling on the lead
• Upsetting visitors!
• Anxiety around other dogs or people
• Anxiety on separation
• Guarding
• Eating the house!
• Fears and phobias in dogs and human worries about other dogs
• Relationships with family members
• Toileting problems
• Barking
• Problems with other pets and/or livestock
• Grooming/handling issues
• Geriatric issues
• Recovery from operations requiring long rest periods
• Health issues, chronic problems, lameness, upset tummies and allergies may be helped and/or supported by TTouch, and we can work alongside your vet or other professional as required.

We support dogs and cats (and ferrets!) in Rescue Centres, both when first admitted, then to help prepare them for re-homing, and post-rehoming, and dogs recently rehomed by various charities. These dogs can have a variety of emotional needs.