“Online puppy courses start fortnightly. Normally, we have a great range of teaching type courses and entertaining/stimulating courses for all ages and temperaments. During the Covid 19 outbreak, we have an online puppy course, online problem solving & training meetings, phone consultations and videos to help! Please call if you’d like to discuss your dog. Tel: 023 8045 3490. ”


We’ve a wide variety of courses and activities. This is because we work with lots of puppies and dogs of different ages and temperaments who have different learning and “entertainment” requirements.

It’s really helpful to have a supportive environment where your dog can gain experience, learn, practice and embed new behaviours.

Courses have the distractions of other dogs in a managed environment, ideal for learning. With a maximum of 6 dogs and a friendly, supportive atmosphere its amazing how much can be achieved and enjoyed!

Our courses and activities combine clear teaching, relationship building, games, playfulness, TTouch…

Once the course is finished, there’s the option of becoming a Hamble Hounder and joining in the social activities.

(For people who prefer to work alone or with a friend, there’s the opportunity to do these activities on a more personal basis).

Where to start…

We always suggest a personal session prior to joining a course, whether this is a full consultation (see Consultation page)  or a one hour meeting. Our years of experience show there are sound reasons for these get togethers,  which really enhance the course experience. In the case of a 1 hour meeting:

  1. we can get to know the family in advance, so we understand and can respond to any concerns or tensions about the dog
  2. what happens at home will massively affect how the dog acts while out, so we discuss any changes or “tweaks” that may help
  3. we assess and input to communication and handling skills, so the basics are understood which makes the first session on the course so much more relaxing.
  4. Introduce Tellington TTouch so the family can quietly make use of this fantastic tool in the group sessions.

Often people who have done a lot of training elsewhere are used to going straight into a course and find the concept of a personal session strange.  Once they have experienced it, they acknowledge its helpfulness! The way we interact with dogs, (calm and quiet, but joyful) can seem very different to more traditional training and is easier to assimilate in a private session than on the first week of a course!

(note, baby puppies go straight onto their course without needing a personal session, unless the family have a Home Visit)

Click through to see the courses on offer. There are workshops too.

General Info

Venues vary. Indoor courses are generally held in Hamble Village Memorial Hall and outdoor courses at our Learning & Activity Base (the LAB) and, as appropriate,  Hamble Common, Whiteley Woods and the New Forest.

Please contact us to discuss your dog’s needs, and for venues, start dates, price and booking forms.


Two really important things:

We never have more than 6 pups/dogs to one trainer in teaching courses.

We aim to give support and guidance throughout, this often means clients call mid-week for help and ideas.



A joyful, in-depth, relationship-building and training course for
beautiful puppies.



We help dogs who find life hard, the anxious, fearful, ‘aggressive’, the chasers and the frustrated.


Training / Behaviour

Teaching good manners &
problem solving.
Maximum 6 dogs
per course.


Life Long

Courses for enrichment
and entertainment.



Good Companion

Work in partnership with your dog to earn recognition and certificate for your hard work together.