Fund raising and other activities


We have great fun organising various community dog events each year, and over the years have raised thousands of pounds for some very wonderful charities, some who train dogs to support humans in various ways (including Canine Partners, Medical Detection Dogs and Hounds for Heroes),  some deal with dog welfare and others are local Hamble charities.

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Hamble Hounders have a host of additional activities to join in throughout the year.

The Hamble Hounds Display Team has a short routine showing pet dogs walking nicely, lots of nice self-control work, waits, distance downs, good recalls and jumping through hoops, all with waggy tails and a great sense of occasion.

The dogs involved are so cool, yet some have had real problems in the past. It’s a good testament to how dogs can change given time, guidance and patience.

The humans involved are less cool than the dogs, but manage to keep a smile on their face throughout (never ask Annette about the time Rafferty decided to leave the display to visit the Temptation Ally, twice!!).

We will do displays for any event where all the money goes to a registered charity as long as we can meet the date and like the charity! Please ask if you think we can help you.