“We are looking forward to getting back to doing our lovely events once Covid restrictions ease!!!”

We are thrilled to be the Judges in Rose Road’s Virtual Pet Show. From the 6th-13th June there will be a different category every day generously judged at the end of the week. All kinds of pets welcome to enter, there will be a prize for the winner of each day.

The Rose Road Association is a charity that provides services for over 300 children and young adults with severe physical disabilities, learning difficulties, and/or autism with whom we have contacts; Annette’s Labrador Tally visits there for a great time!

This is young Dixie, winner of the Best Helper in Lockdown competition. Congratulations to Dixie and Gemma.

About our fund raising and social activities in “normal” times:

We have great fun organising various community dog events each year, and over the years have raised thousands of pounds for some very wonderful charities some who train dogs to support humans in various ways (including Canine Partners, Medical Detection Dogs and Hounds for Heroes),  some deal with animal welfare and others are local Hamble charities.

Our social “Talky Walky” social walks and pub visits etc are good fun, and open to those who have achieved “Hamble Hounders” status!

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Early in 2018, we had the pleasure of naming a Canine Partner’s puppy in recognition of the money raised for that wonderful charity. She is a gorgeous girl called Hamble! This is the latest report we’ve had: “As you can see from the photo attached, Hamble has grown quite a bit and she is looking like a lovely young girl. She can be quite excitable at times, but her puppy parent is working hard to settle her in all sorts of different environments. She has found the recent heatwave a bit difficult, but she is much happier now that it is cooling down. She walks very nicely on the lead and waits nicely at doors and to get out of the car.  Her puppy parent has been socialising her at different locations and she is happy to work alongside other dogs. She is not fazed by traffic and she waits well at kerbs and always offers to sit.  She is nice and calm when being stroke and she really enjoys retrieving items”.

2018 Barking Bonanza was a lovely day (if cold!), which raised £1200 to the benefit of the 9 charities who attended. The order of prizes was drawn out of the hat by Iwan Thomas MBE, Olympic Silver Medallist, Commonwealth and European 400 m champion, with the top four prizes going to Medical Detection Dogs, PDSA, Second Chance and Blue Cross.  Great fun was had in the main ring, with Kelly Simms, the 2018 British all-around gymnast champion helping with the judging. Fastest Recall was won by Poppy!

2018 Japanese Visitation Sherree, Brian and I have had a lovely few days with Yusuke, from the Canine Behaviour Institute in Japan, discussing behaviour and training and showing him our work. He wanted to learn about gun dog retrieving, which gave me chance to talk for hours, Talisker (my Labrador) was a good teacher! We also introduced Yusuke to proper English pubs and beer, a task that my partner Greg took on with enthusiasm!

Hamble Hounders

One of the lovely things about meeting so many dogs & people with a common interest is that we see human (& dog) friendships being made on Hamble Hounds courses & events which last for years.

To facilitate this, everyone who has been on a Hamble Hounds course becomes an official ‘Hamble Hounder’ with access to the social walks (Talky Walkys), pub meals, Christmas party etc.

The danger is they might also get ‘offered the opportunity’ to help in our charity fund raising events or be in the Display team!!

Sleeping off the “Talky Walky”