Good Companion Awards

The APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) Good Companion Awards are a great way to work with your dog towards an achievable and useful goal in an enjoyable environment.

These progression awards are suitable for all abilities of dogs aged 6 months or older. There are 3 levels of  awards- Foundation, Progression and Jubilee. You and your dog can work your way through all three at a pace that suits you. You take each award assessment when you feel ready.

Practicing for the awards is stimulating and fun for your dog as well as helping them to become focused. The trainer* will offer you tips and techniques for achieving the standard for each award.

These awards are a great way of continuing to work with your dog in a structured way after you have been through our training classes or have an initial assessment- they keep your dog thinking and developing.

Above all, we really want these sessions to be fun!!

*These are not teaching sessions, so there may be more than 6 dogs in the group.