Home Visit

During Covid 19 outbreak, we are unable to do a actual home visit! Instead, we are using a combination of online meetings, videos and phone conversations…..

The first few days and weeks with a new pup in the house can be stressful, particularly for those new to dog ownership, where no-one is sure what to expect… but also for experienced owners who haven’t had a pup for some years and have forgotten about the chaos.

And if it is stressful for you, think of the anxiety this strange place will engender in a young pup taken away from mother and siblings.
Often our instinctive reactions to unwanted behaviours are the very opposite of what the dog will understand and therefore make the situation worse rather than better.

We have developed this home visit to help ease the transition period, and set the relationship on the right road from the start… It’s a structured, practical 2 hour visit at your home and will give an in-depth understanding of:
> How & what & why they learn
> Practical approaches to toilet training, chewing, mouthing, jumping up, etc
> relationship in the family and living with other animals
> tips on all sorts of issues aimed at preventing problems developing