Puppy Courses

August 2020 Covid has changed many things including our puppy courses. We have discovered the value of online meetings as a wonderful tool for sharing knowledge about how dogs learn and practical techniques needed for living with, and teaching, very young pups. Even when we get back to normal, we will continue with the online ZIP course for ever!

And with outdoor BOP, PP and AGM we are covering every stage from pre-pup to 1 year old, after which they can join in older dog courses …..

Here’s a brief description of each of our 4 puppy courses. Feel free to contact us for more detailed info.

Each of these courses are designed to help you:

  • understand your pup and how he or she learns,
  • build a good strong loving relationship with pup,
  • teach all the basics and aim for a pup who is confident, eager to learn and who can also relax and be calm,
  • How to socialise the pup and how to teach him/her to feel safe when alone.


The ZIP (Zoom Infant Puppy) Course

for 8 to 12 week olds (start just before or shortly after pup comes home)

In normal times, very young pups can join in our indoor sessions before their second inoculations. As we can’t meet indoors, we are using the very successful online format which gives lots of info and help so you make a good solid start to life with your pup!

The 4 week course includes:

  • A weekly interactive online Zoom group meeting for 30 minutes
  • Weekly videos of theoretical and practical learning topics
  • Study notes by email
  • 20 minutes of personal contact by phone.
  • Private Facebook page for uploading your videos for feedback


The BOP (Baby Outdoor Puppy) Course

for puppies who have had 2nd inoculation, up to c. 18 weeks old at start 

  • 5 x 1 hour outdoor sessions at our Stubbington base
  • A one-off group Zoom meeting of 30 minutes which allows us to impart vital information that is not easy to do at a distance from you in the field!
  • Videos and study notes
  • 20 minutes personal phone contact


The PP (Puppy Progression) Course

pups 18+ weeks who have done a ZIP or BOP course, or a 121 personal session

Embed and develop all they know and add more skills & self-control, lots of nice walking & recall especially around distractions, and build the bond with the family with 6 x 1 hour outdoor sessions at our Stubbington base


AGM (Adolescent Good Manners) Course

For pups up to 1 year who have completed the PP course.

Developing the young dog’s knowledge, self-control, ability to learn and ability to cope with distracting situations AND increasing the human’s ability to teach, motivate and communicate with the dog. Outdoors at our Stubbington base. This is a great course for both human and dog to move up a level in understanding and technique.