Puppy Courses

Our revised course to meet the Coronavirus situation will help you to…..

  • understand your pup and how he or she learns,
  • build a good strong loving relationship with pup,
  • teach all the basics and aim for a pup who is confident, eager to learn and who can also relax and be calm,
  • Importantly, we will address the need to socialise the pups during this period of social isolation, and how to teach them to feel safe when alone.

The 6 week course will include:

  • A weekly interactive online Zoom group meeting to discuss training & cover topics you raise, for 30 minutes on Saturday mornings. (We’ll ask you to do some preparation for the meetings so we can make the most of the time)
  • Weekly video of practical learning topics
  • Homework by email
  • 30 minutes of personal contact by phone.

If you’d like more details or to book, please contact usContact Page.

If restrictions are lifted during the course, we will revise the structure to suit!

We have our outdoor facility and, depending on driving restrictions and practical issues, it may be possible to allow use of that for individuals’ exercise time. This would be particularly useful for any pup who lacks in confidence and is something we can explore as time goes on.

IN NORMAL TIMES< this is our puppy course:

It’s so exciting to have a pup. Its also hard work and sometimes frustrating and worrying!

We aim to show families not only to teach the pup the basic moves, but how to understand, guide and communicate with the pup.

We want to end up with a well-rounded, well socialised pup who is calm, confident and responsive!!

That’s why our Hamble Hounds’ Puppy Courses usually include Indoor AND Outdoor sessions, to be sure pups learn to communicate happily with other dogs as well as transferring all the skills learned inside (where it is pretty easy!) to the Great Outdoors which is full of distractions. HOWEVER,  DURING THE CORONAVIRUS CRISIS, ALL OF OUR SESSIONS ARE OUTDOORS TO ALLOW SPACE BETWEEN PEOPLE. Please contact us for latest details

We also share the wealth of our knowledge and observations skills, particularly useful in socialisation assessments, as it is best to spot any concerns and build in solutions from an early age.

There is a choice of puppy training & socialisation courses to suit different ages:-

“Baby” puppy training for ages between 8 to around 14-16 weeks, and the “Older” puppy training for ages from 14 to 22 weeks, followed by Advanced puppy.

A  course usually starts every 2 weeks with a maximum of 6 dogs in each indoor class.

Pups learn extremely quickly. The early weeks are a vital learning period for good communication and life skills, and to ensure confident interactions with other dogs, so finding sound, experienced, professional training is really important. Sadly, there is no regulation for dog trainers, and we see pups coming to our “older” pup course who have been stressed by going to inexperienced trainers in their early weeks.

Best to start as soon as you can; for most breeds 8 weeks is the best time to start to gently acclimatize pup to the environment. Certainly don’t delay much beyond 10 weeks…… the “baby” course is designed for puppies between 8 to 14 weeks at start.

Pups can start indoor classes before their second inoculation.

The puppy courses have 2 sessions weekly:-
1 hour per week indoor (maximum 6 dogs) where they are taught all the useful basics (see below), and particularly how to listen/concentrate when they’d rather play with other pups close by! and…
30 minutes outdoors at our Learning & Activity Base (the LAB) when they play off lead with the other pups and some carefully chosen older dogs. This is vital! It enables us to see which dogs need help to increase their confidence, and which dogs need to learn they can’t charge around knocking everyone over.

Although the outdoor sessions look very relaxed and  ‘sweet’, in reality we apply a good deal of knowledge, experience and structure in this very important session ….. without this, the pups can be over whelmed and stressed, or exacerbate “bad” manners. We also practice our general training in this outside session.

We teach the pup:

  • To think their humans are great fun and worth listening to!
  • Sit, down, stand
  • Wait, stay, settle quietly, impulse control
  • Come when called
  • Walk on a loose lead
  • Not to jump up and ‘mouth’/bite
  • ‘leave’ and ‘give’
  • Be happy with grooming and handling

And we provide information about understanding a puppy & preventing problems.

Contact Us to book or to ask for more details. 

Baby and Older pup courses can be followed by Advanced Puppy, an outdoor course for up to 1 year olds and then the Activity courses, social walks and the Good Companion Awards