Testimonials For Hamble Hounds

Thought you might like to see a couple of photos showing E**** settling into his new playground……  All the training still works, so thank you.

I really enjoyed the demo yesterday, and Neil’s dogs were awesome. It’s amazing how they retrieve but also sit so patiently and attentively. A good goal for M****!

Here is some feedback for your website if you want to use it….J**** and I thoroughly enjoyed coming to puppy class. We have had a great deal of success with training her so far and we are very grateful to Annette for all her help and advice- it’s such a relief to have someone at the end of a phone or email who can support us with managing our two young and energetic dogs. We would recommend Hamble Hounds to anyone who is looking for advice in managing their dog – it’s particularly helpful to have someone who can problem solve individual issues and has more than one way of doing so, and is able to adapt classes to work with each puppy’s individual strengths and weaknesses.

Thought I would update you on R****…. We are making progress… The lady at the dog pool commented on r***’s calm behaviour today.. Definitely Improved but by no means perfect!!! I did another off lead session this morning and did many recalls all successfully ..She is much more chilled . I know it is very early days and I must not get complacent.. Dare I say it I even enjoyed our walk this morning!!! I hope you don’t mind but I have given someone you email address today who is having problems with her three dogs. Made me feel better at least I only have one to deal with, Many thanks again.

Thank you for all your help and advice this morning – now, to put it into practice!

Hi, enjoyed the walk very much thank you. Really helpful.

Thanks again for all of your help.

Thoroughly enjoyed the course, particularly the Saturday morning sessions. We were particularly keen on ensuring that K**** was socialised as much as possible and the Saturday morning sessions were great for that. K**** is doing very well, growing rapidly, but meeting life head on. I would be happy to recommend your course to anyone.

Thank you very much for your advice this evening.

Thanks for coming over yesterday. It was very helpful and **** enjoyed it too! We went for a walk at seven thirty this morning and already I can see a different dog. I am trying very hard at the relaxed calm bit ( me that is) ! and on more than one occasion was tempted by the wine in my fridge…..Resisting for now.

Thank you (for homework) .. I had managed to put some of it in place… but loads more stuff to keep her interested and a bit more challenged on her walks…Will keep working on my relationship with her. She is so much better in many ways( me too!) but I feel this is just the beginning ….It would be really good to come to classes and who knows one day come on one of your walks!!! I am delighted at the progress made so far … she seems more relaxed.

I would like to thank you for your time today.

He is a lot less jumpy and timid now I think, so it seems to be helping.

A reply to a potential client with concerns about socialisation sessions, followed by her response:   just some added info re the socialisation sessions. Our aim would be not to prevent your pup from meeting bigger ones, but to so structure the sessions so that no pup gets over boisterous or over anxious .I know some trainers believe dogs should just get on with it, I don’t agree with that, it can increase fear or over-heavy play for some (not all) dogs. …. Our sessions are proactively managed to be positive experiences for all the dogs. I always strongly advise against over-protecting pups (even small ones!) but they need time and space to develop communication skills without getting overwhelmed which we have the experience and knowledge to provide. Client response: That’s fantastic to hear, I do want him to get out and mix with dogs of all sizes, I have just heard a few horror stories about previously confident pups being reduced to wrecks after some rather badly organised puppy romps!  I really want my pup out there “mixing it up”, as being a French Bulldog he has permanently-pricked ears and no tail to speak of, so I think he needs to learn dog language before I let him loose on Southampton Common, bless him! I continue to be very impressed with your professionalism, and have already e-mailed you to ask about booking.  I look forward to attending!

Very time consuming but also very rewarding .. It may be my imagination but I think she looks more relaxed when she is asleep… I am happy to catch up for a chat before your holiday .. But I don’t have any concerns so far … Thank you for starting me on the right path with R**** .. I know I am in for the long haul .. But I am determined not to give up … She has a spring in her step that had not been there for a long time .. Lovely to see her alert and interested in her training sessions …

It has been two weeks since you came to visit and there is a definite improvement in her behaviour……….All in all progress has been made and is well worth the effort involved so far. However I think there is room for improvement!!!! Many thanks for your help.

Long time no speak hope all is well with you. Our little M**** is doing really well.

I didn’t realise when we first talked that your approach would be so humane (I know you explained on the phone but I didn’t understand til I saw you in action). I feel awful I spent 2 years following what I was told by a ‘trainer’ without seeing how stressed it made my beautiful dog. The difference in him in just 4 weeks is astonishing. I keep catching myself slipping back into old habits but am getting better all the time and the more success we have the easier it becomes. a big thank you from M**** and me.

We just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and your team for your expert guidance and patience with A*, W* and I. We’ve have all really enjoyed the classes and valued your support with the more challenging aspects of puppy parenthood. I am particularly impressed by (and thankful for) your ability to recognise when the human needs praise and a confidence boost too!

Thank you Annette because of your input H* did a charity schnauzer walk on Wittering beach today. He ran and played with 100 plus schnauzers on and off lead with no problem for an hour and half He loved it.   Ps H* off lead!!! all the time.

T* walks by the side of me beautifully (he is a different dog) and I have been rewarding him. I am so proud of him as he has come so far.

Most things are going very well with D*, since we had a one to one with you at our house we have all followed your tips and have seen massive improvements indoors, her behaviour is spot on and I have no concerns, actually she is a pleasure to have pottering about the house.  she loves everyone and her greeting is now a lot more controlled when people come in and the jumping is getting much much better and she has stopped weeing on people so all is good.

Since Monday I’ve had no barking at me & C* seems more relaxed. Excellent!

We really enjoyed the class, thank you. 

We aren’t there yet!! But are making progress!

Hope you get the pictures … I am hopeless with technology … I think you can see from her face she is much more relaxed.

Thought I would update you on R* … I have been following the new regime for two years now and she has come on leaps and bounds …walks are no longer a chore … She is pretty amazing and often when I am standing chatting to people sometimes for quite a while I forget that I ever had a problem with her jumping on everybody and everything!!!  as long as I am on the ball our walks are uneventful. I am so pleased with her .. She is six and a half now so is naturally slowing down a bit and is much calmer generally.