Testimonials For Hamble Hounds

Yesterday was fascinating and we look forward to working with you to train J*****

Hi Annette, my main objective for this course – was not to get kicked out because he was making too much noise 😉 So for me, we’ve passed already! So, I have been working on K**** to remain calm in such an excited environment.  I am amazed that he has not been barking at the other dogs even when they have been barking.  And the fact that he has calmed down so much when you, Charlie or Sherree approach is quite impressive. My long term goal is for him to learn how to meet and greet people in an acceptable manner (if I can) ie no jumping or people not get himself so excited he yaps/barks……I did try taking him up to Bursledon Tesco last week in a lunch hour and loitered outside – it was quite a challenge with the commotion, noise of people, cars and the trolleys, he was doing really well.  2 people came up and asked to say hello – which I could probably have done without at that stage but they were already upon us before I could do much about it, one he tried to jump up at, the second was more successful.

We are making a lot of progress with C***** which is brilliant …….Our friends had him for a weekend for the first time since you visited and the commented on how differently he behaved without his ball and how much calmer, obedient and relaxed with other people/dogs he was!…. other dogs – the difference in the way he behaves is really good – he doesn’t leave the house like a coiled spring and is showing less signs of anxiety when he sees other dogs which is great – he has even spent time playing with a family friends dog! His behaviour in the house is improving – far less barking when people walk past the house which is great.Lead walking has all of a sudden improved which I think it mostly down to us putting him on the harness that you suggested – it took a little bit of time but I find he is more relaxed on it as I think some of his anxiety when seeing other dogs was linked to having something over his mouth and feeling restricted if that makes sense.            DT Winchester

Thanks for all your help with F****, we could leave him this weekend with a friend whilst we were at my sister’s wedding and he was absolutely fine.

Thanks for a great party last week Annette. M**** really seemed to enjoy it and so did I!

We are so more relaxed now, hopefully B**** as well now we understand a bit more on what’s going on.

Thanks for all your support. We’re working hard and sticking to the guidance well.

Thanks for all your help. O**** is just great.

Anyway, just wanted to say how pleased I was with the way things went on Tuesday.  I really thought that he was going to bark excessively throughout the whole class.  I was really impressed.   Thanks for the notes, I was concentrating more on he than what you were saying I am afraid so good to know the follow up.                     DR Hedge End

Thank you Annette for another great course. The clicker training is absolutely brilliant, W***** and I have learnt so much from this.

Great class last night.                         CH Chandlers Ford

The Christmas party was great, sorry I haven’t emailed before.  S**** really enjoyed himself.

Thank you Annette – we learnt lots and will continue to do so!!! See you on Tues.   SS Soton

Thanks Annette for all your help you have been invaluable I have loved coming to the classes!

Thank for that information. We might be imagining it but we think B**** has calmed down at bit already.

Thanks very much, really grateful for the help you have given us so far.

Thank you very much for the puppy course, it has been invaluable to myself as a first time dog owner!

He would not be the wonderful dog he is today without all of your help and guidance. He did amazingly at Christmas with a house full of 14 people, toys and food everywhere and he loved it without putting a paw wrong, so lovely to see how far he has come.

Lovely to meet you on Friday and thank you so much for the time spent with us and for the advice.

We both got a lot from Saturday morning and L**** had an absolute ball.

We really are happy with the training and have learnt so much.

Many thanks for all your help and support to date.

Lovely to meet you the other day and learn what I should be doing! 

Thank you so much for your time Friday, it was lovely to meet you a very valuable session for us all. Implementation is going ok so far, making him work for his food seems to be the biggest winner.

My sister highly recommends you and we are very much looking forward to it.

we really enjoyed the class and are practicing hard.

really informative and we’ve been practising today. T**** is picking it up really well.

I just wanted to say how impressed and amazed I am with your tip to get her to walk (nicely) ….. It’s suddenly like taking a kitten for a walk!! Thank you!!!

We had a last minute family gathering last weekend and we put into practise taking him away and keeping him calm until everyone was settled. We then let him explore and he was really calm. He didn’t bark just sniffed everyone and settled down.

Just to say we found the classes very helpful and please do keep me on the mailing list for future classes and events.

Thanks Annette for the walk this afternoon, it was brilliant to see him not reacting to other dogs for the first time.

I found the Walky Talky walk yesterday really useful, it was lovely to see him having such fun playing with other dogs in a safe environment with you supervising – he obviously has some learning to do with his manners though.

wow had an amazing walk with w*** this morning at Lyndhurst, saw lots of dogs and ponies, w**** stopped and looked but didn’t once pull to get to them, he made the decision each time to come back to me without any prompting- was brilliant. Thank you so much for your training yesterday.