Testimonials For Hamble Hounds

Stu said the dog training class was fantastic this morning, absolutely brilliant.  W**** has been sleeping lots today since.Mornings are going very well – we have managed 5 days now of me getting up at 6 which is before W**** – which is brilliant.                      AP Totton

Thanks for a great session yesterday. I have been putting into practise with M****. When we walked today took it much slower and stayed calm she seemed to respond and for a good part of the walk she was much better and less pulling.             HC Whiteley

Just a note to say thank you for all your training of H**** and me last night. S***** has been amazing today.                                                                                CH Locks Heath

(SMS) Thanks Annette!  Thoroughly enjoyed that and it was lovely to meet you!

Annette just wanted to say thank you so much for this evening. We all really enjoyed it. So much to think about and learn but all seems a lot clearer. I don’t know what you done to H**** but he has been so calm since we let him out of his crate. He even let me stroke his jaw! Thank you again.    MJ Hamble

Thank you for your advice & support. We thought your class was great. You obviously have a lot of knowledge & compassion for animals & we will be coming back in the future for training for sure.

Thanks for everything so far, it’s been really helpful.

I really enjoyed yesterday although exhausted by the end of the day.  W****also was very tired as you told me she would be.Thank you for the notes.  Of course, I’ve only scanned them so far but they look easy to understand so I’ll have some different bedtime reading to do.

Thank you ever so much for yesterday evening, was very interesting and useful.Please accept this email as confirmation of our booking on the course

Just a quick email to say thank you for the workshop yesterday. It was very interesting(TTouch workshop)

Just a quick update on B*** she is behaving well now on walks J*** is letting her off most times now and she meets other dogs she always keeps an eye on him as he walks off she follows him so looks like we might have turned the corner with her ,.Thank you for your help with her .hope to see you on one of your Walkies

Thank you for a brilliant afternoon 🙂 We’re both shattered in the nicest way!

Thanks for the course, we’ve really enjoyed it.

Everything you taught us regards T** is working, really happy.

Took B** to woods today LET HER OFF she was very well behaved and came back when called she was a model dog

So far so good with the new lead and harness – I love it! First walk we saw a cat and a barky little dog (on lead thankfully still though!) and all went well we just calmly crossed the road.  Thank you so much for suggesting it and for yesterday’s lesson it was really useful

Firstly thank you for your training course. D** is like a completely different, more confident dog.

May we take this opportunity of thanking you and Sherree for all the help and advice you have given the three of us over the past 7 weeks, the time as just flown and we feel we have learnt so much and H*** has definitely improved and changed over that time. The training building blocks, moving forwards, will be invaluable to H*** as he grows into a young man!

Thank you for your time yesterday we found the information very useful.

Congratulations on last night’s BBQ. It was a lovely, fun event even without a dog.

Once again thank you so much for a very informative and enjoyable training session last eve.

Thank you so much for the Puppy training and Clever Dogs, we have learnt a lot about W**** and dog training in general.                                                                       AH Hamble

Appreciate how much you care for the dogs that come through your class and it isn’t just teach basics and bye                                                                          JH Sarisbury

super pleased with how well she’s done                                             LB Titchfield

We’ve had lots of fun since we met. P***** particularly enjoys sniffing out her food in the garden                                                                                                  HB Bursledon

After you left yesterday it was all a lot calmer                                   GB Titchfield

Thanks for the email, really enjoyed puppy class on Tuesday, thought we had taken it all in until Wednesday morning and suddenly it all became a blur.   So we were so happy to receive your email yesterday, it’s great to have notes to refer it and it all started coming back to us lol.                                                                                             JA So’ton

Thank you very much indeed for your comprehensive and reassuring information. Everything you’ve said makes perfect sense to me. I shall take time to read through the report and notes carefully

Thank you so much for the attached & thank you for your time, I was absolutely shattered when you left so much to take in.I have printed your notes & we have all read & understand what we need to be doing.

Thank you very much for Sunday really really interesting!(TTouch workshop)

Thank you though for everything! F*** is turning into a beautiful dog and loves her outdoor walks and does her recalls very well even with distraction!

Thanks Annette, appreciate all your advice!

When you came to the house to meet/review D***’s issues you mentioned that you run a class that could help A***. I would love to get him better trained and having seen the difference you have made to D*** I would really value your advise on the best way forward with A***.

C*** is really good and is turning into a perfect family dog! 

D*** is improving, and is now sitting without begging (most of the time!) Many thanks for your help

Good to see you Annette. I really enjoyed today thank you.  M***  was as you said very tired when she got home.Thank you for the attachments they are very interesting.

Hi Annette just to say how much I enjoyed yesterday and I think P**** did too, she was tired afterwards

It was lovely to meet you, and thankyou for your help, F*** has shown a change already! Would it be possible to do an outdoor session on the Wednesday evening? I think we would like to do the Tracking course too, if there are still spaces?

Thank you for the report, much appreciated and studied!

Many thanks for your time this afternoon, you have put my mind at rest just by talking to you.  We would love to attend this evening and look forward to meeting with you then. DR Whiteley

Rescue Centre: I have received and email from H*** saying how brilliant last friday went. She was amazed at how well it work and completely committed to using TT (TTouch)at the centre, which is fantastic. Thank you so much for your help.                    D, Trustee

this morning was very productive. I learnt a lot ie, holding the lead the correct length, looking ahead and turning, more importantly feeling the difference it had on effecting k****’s behaviour.                 DH  Botley

Thank you again for all your excellent advice and support, we really appreciate it.      AP Totton

Thank you for this very comprehensive homework. It was a great experience meeting you last week and you opened my eyes to the way dogs behave and perceive the world around them. I’m just sending you a quick email to update you on the dogs and hopefully find out when you have classes available and a price list. There have been some changes that we have noticed in only a short period of time

Also many thanks for an excellent workshop last Sunday, most enjoyable and informative.Ph*** is doing very well, she’s a calmer dog within the home already.  She also behaved beautifully when I took her to the vet for her booster injections yesterday, ignoring two other dogs who were in the waiting room. I’m keeping her away from other dogs for now, and sticking to short, quiet, sniffing walks out of Brighton.

Thank you so much for coming to our home and sharing you invaluable knowledge

with us. It all makes perfectsense and we now feel moreconfident and so much betterequipped.

Just had to say that I have let P*** off lead (2 days) today for longer and what a pleasure it was to not have her constantly pulling on the lead and watch her exploring and noticed she only went so far and kept checking that I was there, my fears were reduced immensely

Thanks so much for this (written notes) Annette, really helpful 🙂

looking forward to tonight we really enjoyed last week!

Thank you so much for such an enjoyable and informative puppy training evening yesterday. We so look forward to the rest of the course.

Thank you for today, it was good to meet you, I almost felt zen-like after your calming visit!!

Thank you so much for today, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. L*** was so tired he forgot to come down for dinner…. unheard of!!

Yes, it was so lovely meeting you and your calming influence. P*** and l really enjoyed listening to you and we are trying to put everything in practice that you explain… ……..The Kongs are also proving to be a hit too!

Really enjoyed m***’s first training last night.

Thanks for today and I hope Tally didn’t mind an older lady’s attention! I was so happy to see P**** playing, I felt quite emotional.

Thank you so much for the session, it was very interesting and seemed to turn the light on for so many things.

Also, thank you so very much for the session the other week, it was hugely helpful.