“We are doing personal Tellington TTouch sessions. No group workshops yet due to Covid, hopefully soon! “

Tellington TTouch Workshops

Tellington TTouch is a wonderful way to connect with animals and to help them change the way they react and cope with “things” and life in general.

It’s not that easy to describe with words and the best way to get to know what it’s all about is to hear/see it explained and then try it for yourself.

We hold one-day workshops every month (except summer hols or mid winter),  where people learn to use the touches, movement work and body warps to use as appropriate on their companion animals.

The workshops are informal and friendly! There is usually a mixture of 3 handlers with their dogs, and 3 humans without dogs. This gives the opportunity for people whose dogs couldn’t at present cope with being at the workshop the chance to develop their observation skills and practice methods to help their dogs at home. For the dogs who come, it’s a special experience and often the start of changes for the better in their life.

Often people are not sure whether the workshop is the right place for their dog.  We will always chat through the dog’s needs before taking a booking and can advise. There are assistants and quiet spaces available during the day, for dogs (or people!) who need a break away from the group. Each dog’s needs are taken as paramount during the day; after all, they haven’t asked to be there!

If you are want to know more about Tellington TTouch, feel free to call us on 023 8045 3490.