What Is TTouch?

The simplest explanation is that the Tellington TTouch method helps or prompts animals to move beyond their instinctive, sometimes fearful, responses.

Dogs (&humans!) who are anxious, not confident, a bit stressed, over-excited etc, will rely on their usual behaviours to get them through life… it takes less energy to do what we habitually do and move as we habitually move, so when our body is under some kind of stress, it will default to the normal patterns of behaviour.

Influencing posture and movement to the non-habitual can release tension, change usual behaviours and aid the body itself to produce feelings of calm and well-being. This in turn helps develop self-confidence and self-control. Even in a happy well-balanced dog, it gives a great feeling of well-being.

A calm, less tense dog is more able to make good decisions with less need to fool around or be hyper!

Tellington TTouch has been the most amazing revelation to us and we all use it constantly now, as an integral part of our work, quietly including TTouch in every contact we have as it is such a good way of helping a puppy or dog concentrate, be calm and receptive.

We also use it when working with dogs in shelters who are often very stressed and in all our problem solving work.

Tellington TTouch is such a kind and respectful way of working with animals it is lovely to do, and families find using it is great way to build trust or re-build trust if that has been lost with a ‘mouthy’ dog for instance.

HOW is TTouch used?

You can access Tellington TTouch with us by having a personal session or attending workshops. The joy about this work is that clients can take away so much from just one session to help their animal. Often, one session is sufficient to make the difference.

In Tellington TTouch, we use “body work” (touches on the skin), ground work exercises (using movement) and equipment such as body wraps.

For enquiries and to book personal sessions and workshops, contact us.

When we meet the dog in a consultation, we will be making minute observations from the start. Observations are an important part of the TTouch work.

Practitioners note the animal’s responses to stimuli, the posture, balance, movement and muscle development, heart rate and respiration, the texture and appearance of the coat and so on.

They feel for temperature changes, coarse or dry hair, tension in the tail, ears, legs and the mobility of the skin.

They also pay close attention to the animal’s responses to contact on the body and ability to negotiate the ground work exercises and adapt the sessions accordingly.

The focus is always on what the animal can achieve rather than what he can’t achieve and the aim is to work below the threshold at which the animal has to react, particularly when handling animals that are nervous and/or defensive.

Here are some examples of common issues but this is far from an exhausted list, and it’s probably more likely that there will be more than one issue, which is why we work holistically. Each session with a TTouch Practitioner is tailored to your dog’s individual needs.

    • Puppies that are ‘mouthy’
    • Dogs that pull on a lead
    • Over excitable dogs
    • Animals that are scared of thunder or fireworks
    • Older dogs that are starting to move more stiffly
    • Dogs that are scared of going to the vets or groomers
    • Eating issues
    • Skin issues
    • Dogs who don’t like other dogs
    • TTouch is great for our work with Rescue Centres and shelters helping de-stress dogs and help prepare them for new homes

Please see a case study on our Rescue Dog page.
Please do call on 023 8045 3490 if you would like to explore this option for your dog.